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Posted September 10, 2017 at 7:57 pm
Hey everyone! Some updates for this week! First, I'll be attending SPX again this upcoming weekend! You can find me at table K11 on Saturday and Sunday! Here's a handy floor map just in case. I'll have Oddity Woods books & things, PLUS a new comic I've been working on the past few weeks! I'll be posting more info about that on my Twitter this week! Please come see me if you're attending!! Second, what this means for updates this weekend: Friday's update will go up as planned, and I'm hoping to get enough work done to have Monday's update ready by then as well. However, due to a lot of other work (including the new comic), my buffer's run dry and I may have to postpone Monday's update to the following Friday.  I'll have a definite answer on Friday's page! THIRD, the store will be shutting down Wednesday the 13th.  If you wanted to purchase any books or prints, this is your last chance until I find an alternative to Tictail. ALSO here's a reminder that there's a fan Discord server for Oddity Woods here that you can join, AND/OR you can send any questions my way on my CuriousCat page! I've answered quite a few questions already, so check it out! That's all for now, have a great week and thank you for reading!