Guest Art #4- Aouli
Posted May 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm
On our way to a fun, totally not dangerous magical mystery adventure! This awesome final guest piece is by Aouli! I'm absolutely in love with Aouli's watercolor style and cute expressions; AND LOOK AT THAT DOG.....THE VERY CUTEST PUP.... Aouli has been a long time friend for years, and I'm so excited to have an illustration from her to feature during the break!! I don't think I could thank her enough for her support with this series, ESPECIALLY in the early stages. Thanks so much for sticking with me all these years, and thank you again for the wonderful artwork! Aouli makes a lot of cute art over on her tumblr page, which you should definitely check out! AND WITH THAT, guest break is over! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to do guest art for me!! I'm so fortunate to have such great illustrations to feature, you guys rock! Normal updates will resume Friday with next chapter's title page, PLUS a small surprise bonus.... (Also if you stopped by my table at MomoCon this weekend, thank you so much!! It was great meeting everyone! And if you're new to the series, thanks for checking out the comic!) Thanks for reading, see you this Friday for chapter 2!!