Guest Art #3- Taylor C.
Posted May 25, 2017 at 4:53 pm
In which, everything will be fine!!! Round 3 of guest break is brought to you by the wonderful Taylor C. !!  Cue me crying over Taylor's color palettes and cute cartooning style that gets me every time. Speaking of, have you read Monsterkind????? If not, then LET ME TELL YOU-- IT'S TIME! Monsterkind is such a good heartwarming comic with extremely lovable characters that you're doing yourself an injustice by not reading it.  The most striking thing for me is how gosh dang believable the cast is written; not to mention the great expressions and even more GOOD palettes. I'd spend the next paragraph gushing over these characters and how much I just want them all to be happy (and I get a feeling IT'S ABOUT TO GET PRETTY TRAGIC....), but I'll let you see for yourself! Thanks so much again for this beautiful guest work, Taylor!!!! Read Monsterkind, and go follow Taylor on Twitter! (Side note: I'm at MomoCon this weekend, table AA6! Come visit me if you're attending!)