Guest Art #1 - Ryan Toxin
Posted May 18, 2017 at 10:15 pm
Welcome to the 2 week guest art break! There's 4 total updates of AMAZING guest pieces that I'm absolutely thrilled to be sharing. First up is a beautiful illustration by Ryan Toxin, featuring our main character and BEST boy ready to take on the world!!! (Because a pup is all you need to go on a grand adventure!)  The iconic color palettes of Ryan's work always floor me, they're just so gosh dang pretty!! Ryan is the creator of the gorgeous webcomic Fauna Fairest! It's brimming with fantastical color palettes, charming creature designs and cinematic layouts that are right up my alley.  You can tell there's a TON of work involved with the world as well, and also has a REALLY COOL bestiary section to read up on. Plus it has a great female leads, and I can't recommend it enough! Thanks so much again Ryan for the wonderful guest art!!!! Follow Ryan on Twitter, and make sure to read Fauna Fairest!