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Age: 12
A lively kid whose reckless personality lands her in another world.  Despite the danger, she'll stop at nothing to achieve her dream of being a great detective.

Age: 14
A young researcher and inventor who's studying anomalies within the woods.  Though he has a passion for the paranormal, he seems more concerned about escaping.  Not to mention his strange connection to the Conductor...

Ghost Dog
Even in death, he aims to be the ultimate good boy.  Unfortunately, his thieving tendencies have made this dream a long uphill climb.

Age: 30
An expert detective whose efforts are often thwarted by her incompetent coworkers. She definitely doesn’t have time for the paranormal... or anything else, really.

Age: 28
Gloria’s cop partner.  He's impossibly bad at his job, but makes up for it with his strong will to improve.

The Storyteller
Guardian of the woods and bookkeeper of every event that’s happened there. Has a friendly demeanor, but something is... off about her.

The Conductor
The monstrous controller of the Passaway Express.  He'll bestow a ticket to any who ask... for a price.

The Car Attendant
Having spent his entire "life" on the Passaway Express, his one enjoyment is giving others a hard time.  Otherwise, he's stuck doing grunt work for the Conductor.