Case 1 Cast

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Age: 14
The villainous "owner" of the Labyrinth Inn.  He's rumored to be responsible for the disappearances of his guests. 

Age: 6
Lawrence's reserved younger brother.  Despite his age, Harris does most of Lawrence's work for him, if not all of it.

Age: 17
A mature and well mannered investigator, he teams up with Marietta in order to uncover the culprit behind the inn's disappearances.  

Age: ???
An amnesiac ghost girl who was killed at the inn, she cannot pass on until she recovers her memories.

Leo & Capella
Age: 24 & 21
A pair of strange carnival workers.  Leo's vacant disposition starkly contrasts their loud, hotheaded partner Capella.  

Age: 36
A silent wildlife manager.  She seems kind, but is nervous about something.

Age: 58
A wealthy man adorned with expensive furs.  He's well known in the woods for his pelt collection.

Age: 11
An odd girl with an unnerving gaze.  What is she up to...?