Posted February 19, 2020 at 1:57 pm

Hello everyone! This isn't quite an update, but I wanted to give everyone a head's up that my new art book is available for preorder!  This book contains a ton of secret concept art and illustrations from my Patreon, and will only be up until March 4th.  I'll also be reprinting issues 1 and 2 as a big, single book, which is also available for preorder! 

You can find both here on my store page!

In other news, I'll be at Momocon with these books in May.  That's currently the only confirmed con I have for this year!

As for comic updates, I don't have any news to share at the moment.  OW probably won't continue as a webcomic, but I am still working hard to continue it in other ways! 

Hope everyone is having a good 2020. <3