• Quasi-Stellar


  • Jonochrome

    Glad you’re back! Not glad about your back.

    Owen is a handsome young man who seems to have a good head on his shoulders so far.

  • Jowen2005

    I think I’m gonna like this Owen. The only reason so far is the fact that my middle name is Owen. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Deputy Dan

    Even Leo’s hair has pinstripes. That’s commitment to a look.

  • Introbulus

    “I’m not helping you, but gosh darnit did you REALLY need to announce that from atop a table?”

  • Noeladoe

    Back problems? Fix your feet. It’s a thing.

  • Avery Graham

    hope your back feels better

  • Generic Username

    “I have proof that someone was killed. We have a ghost in this hotel!”
    *Ghost dog appears*
    “Not that ghost.”

  • Erica McNeilly

    i love all of the similarities between marietta and owen

  • owen only just talked but if anyone hurts him i will kill everybody in that dining room and then myself

  • owen take me into your arms

  • Smeelio

    Damn, Capella is mean

  • Aww- hope your back feels better soon. Been there.

    …better yet, a come back!

    …I’ll see myself out now.