• Scar7752

    hecking heck Wyatt stop breaking things

  • Jonochrome

    Looks like Mary’s goin’ straight into good-cop-bad-cop mode.

    On an unrelated note, happy first day of Fall!

    • memes boi

      Just like the lego movie

  • Alex

    well now you just had to go and aggravate Mary like that
    this is your own doing, wolf moseby

  • berry


  • AsJayGreenleaf

    Time for the comic to turn into Animal Crossing, I hope you’re ready to run a town in that inn, Wyatt.

    • Neoisi Demon

      I thought it more like a Ouran High School Host Club situation

      • Miss BadEND

        *”Kiss Kiss Fall In Love” suddenly blasts in the background as rose petals fall everywhere and the desk owl person hands Wyatt a suit*

        • Neoisi Demon

          Owl kid would be like Kyoya, so who would be Tamaki?

          • Miss BadEND

            Most likely Marietta (she definitely got that Tamaki quality)

  • Rateus

    Substandard? How dare you?!? Marietta looks awesome!

    Wyatt needs to learn that there is limited point wearing a lab-coat if you don’t do it up at the front, that’s where most stuff spills on you if it spill. Also don’t wear a tie whilst sciencing, you might accidentally dip it in stuff of set it on fire, not worth the risk. If you’re going to be touching stuff in a non lab area at least take your gloves off so you’re not contaminating the non lab area with your lab gloves? Honestly, did they teach you nothing at school? ;-p

    I’m looking forwards to Marietta unleashing the beast on the next page 😀

    • Smeelio

      It seems like people in this world are generally just more stylish than people in the real world, so maybe Marietta really is completely unfashionable, but just so happens to be on such a higher standard of fashion that us lower-level mortals still think she’s lookin’ good!

      • Rateus

        I can only dream of ever looking as superb as Marietta.

  • bwooom
  • Matted Font

    “Get out!”

  • Random Fan

    This new kid kinda reminds me of an owl (^__^)

  • Marilith

    Substandard? How’d you know the name I gave my sandwich shop? We do quite well for ourselves, despite what our very reasonable prices may lead you to believe, I assure you.

  • shueboot

    very first panel of the next page:

    MARIETTA: ow my hand

  • Jade Galaksylph

    get ready to anime-suit up and work at the inn ’til your debt is paid, Wyatt

  • Don’t you listen to him, Mari – your outfit is a perfect combination of classy and casual and adorable.

  • GingerGryphon

    Everyone here is an a various state of miffed

  • Donna

    She’s a n g r y

  • Nearo

    Wow, rude. Her outfit is nice and cute.