After receiving a strange letter addressed to her missing father, self-proclaimed “detective” Marietta takes it upon herself to solve its mystery. Though her determination is strong, it’s a little hard to be taken seriously at 12-years-old, especially when the case involves boarding a fabled ghost train thought to take its passengers into another world.

Transported into an endless forest known as “Oddity Woods,” Marietta finds herself against its mysterious inhabitants, some of which aren’t quite human…

Oddity Woods is a coming of age story about two kids solving mysteries in a woodland realm of paranormal occurrences.  It takes influence from mystery/adventure novels and games, as well as creepy urban legends, and explores themes of growing up, learning to trust, and finding courage to face the unknown despite all the odds.

Currently updates on Tuesdays and Fridays!


Kay D. is a 22-year-old comic artist and illustrator from Memphis, TN.  She likes super saturated colors and cute ghosts.

You can contact her at cygullsart@gmail.com.

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