• Alex

    after 7 days?
    this’ll be a long hiatus, huh

  • Jonochrome

    Headcanon: Lawrence draws anime fan art

    • Dawn Grimm

      I think that as of today that’s just canon-canon.

  • Sheree

    Maybe something to do with night and day and The Big Dipper and the Southern Cross? I really have no idea lol, but I look forward to the resolution.

    • Matthew Gordon

      Not night and day. The symbol is for the quarter moon, as seen on many calendars today. In the north, that is the last quarter, 7 days before the New Moon (skull & crossbones). The moon looks “upside down” from the southern hemisphere.

      • Sheree

        Ah, got it. Thank you!

  • Today’s addition to Oddity Woods lore: anime exists in this universe

  • Ragli Nortis

    I’m surprised that more of these characters aren’t getting upset that they’ve found themselves living in a contrived puzzle game.

  • Aight, hope one of you guys know your astronomy!

    • Matthew Gordon

      the symbols at the top are quarter moons (7 days from the full or new/dark moon). The constellations are the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross, only visible from the North or South hemisphere. The 1/4 moon symbol is for the last quarter in the north, it would look reversed from the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Cross door should be safe.

  • eden…..


  • Rateus

    Just what we need, an impetuous idiot in the party as we try to escape murder puzzle hotel.

    • AxiomaticSystem

      It would appear she would’ve opened the bad door too, judging from the above comments.

  • Introbulus

    “Alright, it’s pretty clear what this is saying…chocolate chip cookies are good, and peanut butter cookies are bad.”

  • JayGreenleaf

    Is it an even/odd number of stars kind of thing? Or which door has the light side of the moon at the top facing the candles? Both of those would say the right door is right.

    • Matthew Gordon

      nope. Those are the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross, only seen in the Northern or the Southern hemispheres respectively. The top of the door shows one of the quarter moons.

      • JayGreenleaf

        I know what the constellations are, I was just spitballing since I didn’t make the moon phase connection. It looks like you got it all, though.

  • You have to be a true anime fan to solve this puzzle

    • Matthew Gordon

      or astronomy

  • Marquis of Blue

    Long time reader first time writer blablahblahblah…Here is a collection of everything I know:

    …Many important doors in the inn have moon phases on them including the elvevators, the front entrance, the upper and lower dining hall doors and of course these two. All others doors I saw where gibbious or crescents, these two are waning half moons, and the “trap sheet” depicts new and full moons…
    …The Big Dipper and the Southern Cross represent North and South respectively…
    …Cast members may represent horoscope symbols, notably Capella and Leo who could represent Capricorn and Leo…
    …Oddity Woods started out amazing and only gets better!

  • Matthew Gordon

    A puzzle the reader can figure out! Love it!

  • So I think the constellations just represent directions and when it says “After 7 days” it refers to the state that the moon atop either door would logically be in a week. Essentially, whichever one is waxing is Lawrence OK-hand and whichever one is waning is death.

    • Note that I know next to nothing about constellations.

  • headcanon: lawrence has an edgy anime oc that’s just himself but edgier

  • Noeladoe

    Very cool, Matthew Gordon already mentioned it in the comments but this is a perspective puzzle on the moon phases. Basically, if you’re in the northern hemisphere the halfmoon (quarter, whatever, half the moon is lit) depicted above the doors will wane to new, as the shadow moves from right to left. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, the moon is upside down, so if you see the halfmoon depicted above the door, the shadow moves from left to right and the moon will wax to full. (After 7 days because that’s how long it takes for the moon to shift between each of its four phases.) I love this, thanks for the cool puzzle!

    • Matthew Gordon

      I hope we get some more

  • shanzuken

    I have the same feeling whenever people loom over my work when I’m drawing.