• Greece

    She has a name, now we have to protect her

  • AsJayGreenleaf

    Marietta, you know you could let her pick the name, right? …you know what, never mind, you’re already halfway to the dinner party by now I bet.

  • Hedgehog

    “Please stop”

    • P. Stein

      Well, for one thing, we know she isn’t their ghostess

  • Rateus

    I don’t have anything much that can help. Oh, apart from this key that opens everything, but that’s not much right?

    You NPCs and you’re lack of understanding of the big picture!

  • Jonochrome

    Hoo boy, Wyatt needs to lighten up soon.
    I kinda can’t believe you used Polterpup as one of the nicknames. It is now my headcanon that Marietta has played Luigi’s Mansion.

  • Introbulus

    Plot twist: her real name is actually “Stabbederela”.

  • Alex Ramos

    You’re not supposed to name it. Once you name it you start getting attached to it! Now put that ghost back where it came from or So Help Me!”

  • Personally I liked Spooklynn

  • My goodness, Kay, this comic is such a delight ^^ makes my Tuesdays and Fridays a little more special. Keep up the great work.

  • Side Character

    First Wilde Life, now Oddity Woods. Everyone wants to call their ghosts some variation of “Sylvia”.

  • Specterella?

    • Invited to go to the ghosty ball and left behind an ethereal slipper…I dig it!