• Alex

    my constant mood is wyatt’s face in the last panel

  • Jonochrome

    There they go. Dinner party’s coming up and they’re on the menu.

  • Rateus

    Mary just saved your @$$ Wyatt, you should be super thankful right now. Never split the party in a scary haunted ramshackle hotel.

  • shueboot

    NEXT MONDAY’S UPDATE: “Mary Talks To The Demon”

  • Darsara

    Never split the party! For characters your age, that is by far the worst thing you could do!

  • AsJayGreenleaf

    What if you have to talk to it, Wyatt, what if the key is the friends you make along the way?

  • Maybe we’ll find the key to Wyatt’s heart.

  • I am super impressed by your backgrounds.