• Jonochrome

    Marietta and Ghost Dog are so in sync.

    • Welchkidsvids

      I know I love that little dog! I seriously hope that he doesn’t have to leave or anything later in the comics

      • Wonko

        Well we don’t need to worry about him dying

        • Welchkidsvids

          Yea. I really hope there won’t be an excuse for that

          • I dunno, I guess he could get vacuumed up or something?

  • Mr. Corazon

    Wyatt:”Sorry, I’m role playing Breath of the Wild in real life”.

  • Rateus

    We’re trying to stealthy you idiot!

  • TimKovich

    Ghost dog don’t give a patoot.

  • Angela_Lolz

    I love Marietta’s facial expressions tho

  • Korosensei Korosensei

    ghost dog you can float, why are your on her hat

  • Angela_Lolz