• Unclever title

    I wonder how well that lens would handle lies of omission?

    “I swear, I’ve never killed another person” (after killing that one guy that time.)

    Eh.. but he’s probably not killed anybody.

    • Rateus

      I can tell your a judge uncle Phil.

  • Jonochrome

    “That’s ONE person off the suspect list” is the kind of thing you say when that person turns out to be the killer, Mary

  • Zeklo

    “I’ve never killed another person.”
    The wording on that is super suspicious.

    • TachyonCode

      “What’s a person, again?”

    • sevenfivel

      another person? does that mean he’s killed himself before? . . .

    • Miss BadEND

      “At least, not directly…”

  • Sheree

    I’ve been hoping it’s not Owen because I like him. This sounds suspicious, though. My next guess would be the quiet blonde person.

  • Yes? Please what?

  • Rateus

    History you say? In bold you say? Please. Tell us more!

    • Ky

      To shreds you say?

  • Luna Lovegood

    The magatama is used. No results.

  • Awwww yeah, history time…

  • Introbulus

    “Yeah I swear it, this is my first time!”

  • alexikakon

    “I swear I’ve never killed another person. … Only animals, so far!”

    I maybe listen to too many podcasts about serial killers.

  • Never killed another person, meaning a person aside from the one I killed.

  • Erica McNeilly

    my favourite thing about this comic is going down to the comments and finding a bunch of conspiracy theorists.

  • Smeelio

    Ok, so, I’m also gonna throw in a theory about the strange wording here- but it’s actually about theory we’ve already heard. Quite a few people have been saying that the demon seems kind of like a dog or cat or something, so it could just be an animal ghost and not an evil monster, and this guy seems to be saying he’s never killed (specifically) a person, even though he was asked to say he’s not a killer in general. Plus, the demon was chasing the group with him in it? I dunno honestly.

  • “but I’ve let another person get killed by someone else”